2015 Steel City Codefest Winners

2015 Steel City Codefest Winners

Official Steel City Codefest Results

412 Food Rescue App:

As part of a 24-hour hackathon, our team created an app to help 412 Food Rescue - a local non-profit that aims to eliminate food waste in the Pittsburgh Area - connect and coordinate perishable food donors, volunteer drivers, and food recipients. The web app, written with a Python backend, React.js front-end, and powered by the Google App Engine, allows food donors to quickly and efficiently notify 412 Food Rescue of food that is available for pick up. The staff at 412 is then able to assign the food to a drop-off location, at which point volunteer drivers are notified via text message that there is a donation ready for pick-up. Volunteer drivers are provided with directions to the pick-up and drop-off locations, and the progress/status of the delivery can be viewed by admins at any time. This app will allow 412 Food Rescue to quickly scale up thier operations, mobilize their network of volunteer drivers, and prevent significant amounts of perishable food from being wasted. We were very grateful to win both the judge's and people's choice awards.

The Team:

  • Geoff Misek
  • Shawn Rancatore
  • Jessie Schalles
  • Jenny Liu
  • Nathan Cochran

The App in Action:

concurrent prime sieve

sieve of eratosthenes